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Stop Motion APP: Part 1

The Stop Motion App is a great way to start exploring stop motion animation.

It's free and easy to use on your phone

Learn the basics with this video and start making your own content quickly.

Stop Motion APP: Part 2

One of the best stop motion secrets?

Onion skin.

This is a feature available on many softwares, including this free app. It helps in maintaining continuity of the element that is being animated. 

Get to play!

No more flickering

The most common mistake when making a stop motion is:


This is completely normal for someone who is just starting out, but it is also very easy to fix! 


Repurpose 1 piece of content

If you have one image of a product that can be converted into PNG / AKA transparent background, you're in luck.

This asset can be used to create infinite pieces of content.

Watch to see the possibilities.

From 4:5 to 9:16 

Adapting images to different sizes/ratios is the most underrated thing creators have to do nowadays. 

The content completely changes with this adjustment. This is one of the many things I myself have had to come up with in order to fix the picture.

Hope it helps you!

Change the color of your background

Have you ever wanted to change the color of the background, but can't seem to do it without affecting the product? 

There is an easy and quick way to deal with this, especially if you have a solid colored background. 

Let's learn some After Effects.