Stop motion is a video technique, where a series of still images put together create the illusion of movement. It’s the perfect way to make a product come to life. Carefully crafted, these videos are in high demand for their unique catchiness and audience engagement. Get out of the box content now!

Product Gif

The product is the one and only protagonist in the video. Incorporating other elements into the scene is possible too, but the product itself is at the center stage / doing the main or only action. Perfect for a gif!


Rather than just displaying your product, service or main idea, we immerse it in a new world, inside a plot or story that hooks your audience and makes your values, mission or vision stand out. The secret spice behind the so much seeked engagement you want from your audience!


Clay +  (ani) mation = Animated Clay! Perfect to convey or explain an idea that's not tangible, in a playful and friendly way. The example shown here is a combination of claymation with paper craft.

Paper Craft

The most crafty category of them all: each element involved is carefully and individually produced, from the design until finally cut out of paper. Often the most time consuming and detailed type of stop motion (but one of the most artful and mesmerising too!)


Bought a new phone? A new pair of sneakers? Doesn't matter, taking a brand-new product and accessories out of their box is an experience on its own, like unburying a treasure. Why not let your potential buyers have a glimpse of what unboxing your product feels like? Stop motion is the absolute champion: seamless content-showing in a style that can't be topped.

Blue and Black Timeline Presentation (2)